Doula Services in Portland, Oregon


What is a Doula?

As a doula, I support families in their labor to help ensure a safe, satisfying birth experience. The support I provide is to encourage birthing people to trust in their bodies and the birth process. I will provide information so you can make informed birth choices. I will accompany you and your partner (if present) in labor. I will draw on my knowledge and experience as a doula and mother to provide emotional, physical and positive communicative support.

I provide massage techniques, breathing exercises, positioning and other techniques of comfort to help the labor process.

I believe that birth is sacred, and should be treated with love, respect and knowledge. I encourage birthing people to be strong, birth with inner wisdom and their own intuition. I will maintain complete confidentiality of all details relating to you, your pregnancy and birth. I am independent and self-employed. As your doula, I am working for YOU, not your caregiver or hospital.

What a doula does NOT do

I do not replace your primary care giver

I do not replace your partner

I do not make any medical decisions on your behalf

! I do not speak for you

As your birth doula, I shall:

• provide 1 free consolation along with 1 prenatal visit, lasting approximately 1-2 hours each. These visits will be used to review your preferences and options regarding your labor and delivery, discuss comfort measures and become familiar with each other to facilitate our teamwork during your birth experience.

• Be continuously on-call for your labor starting at 37 weeks of pregnancy until the birth of your baby.

• Be available by telephone and email, through the remainder of your pregnancy and two weeks postpartum, to answer questions and address any concerns.

• Meet you and your partner at your home or at the place of birth when you decide you are ready for doula support, within 30 min- 2 hours of your request (within reason, varying on urgency and location).

• Remain present and provide reasonably continuous support for the duration of your labor until you have reached a settled point postpartum, usually between 1-2 hours after your baby is born.

• Provide 1 postpartum follow up at your home

• Provide a back up doula in the unlikely even that I will not be able to attend

 your birth.

Regarding my fee:

- Fees cover the following services: 1 hour consultation with both partners present, up to 5-weeks of on call hours, labor and birth support, one

postpartum visit. You agree to pay in full regardless of the outcome of the birth; Natural, medicated, cesarean, premature, etc. Payments are non- refundable. In the event that you are not able to call me due to an extremely rapid birth or if you do not need my services for a scheduled cesarean birth I

will offer up to 9 hours of postpartum care and support in lieu of birth support.

The fee for my services is $1,500 which includes the services outline in this statement of disclosure. I request a retainer of $550.00 with our commitment to work together. The balance is due two weeks prior to your due date. Should you have any special financial considerations I can provide a payment plan.

If you would like to add Photography to your Doula services package please inquire about special pricing for doula clients. ***Please note: While acting as birth doula I will do my best to document your birthstory however ultimately I am there as your doula first and will capture your story accordingly.

(For other Photography services please click the photography tab)

- Additional Postpartum visits $50/day

- Photography Add $600

*PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE, please email to set yours up! 

FOR PLACENTA SERVICES PLEASE INQUIRE WITH Tell them Jessie Photo Doula sent you!