Welcomed VBAC

What an incredible mama, she had been working toward a VBAC in healing from her previous birth story. As she approached 42 weeks, her plans looked like they were going to change to a family centered cesarean. The day I arrived for her scheduled Cesarean I walked into a gorgeous laboring mama soaking in the labor tub. She spoke softly, spoke lovingly and ultimately welcomed every wave that came over her. 

Her body knew what to do, she had been here before, each surge she felt baby descend and her body opening. Her doula beautifully choreographed a labor dance that was calming for her. Her provider visited, his support and warmth filled the room I will most definitely be referring to this provider at Salmon Creek! 

At 8 cm mama requested some rest an received her epidural while she progressed to complete and labored down. The rest of the family arrived where we laughed and talked about how excited we were to see this little new love's face. Big brother was really excited and very curious to the birth process, he asked lots of questions and was such a great little doula in training. 

The urge to push was near, mama utilized a labor bar to work with each wave and she received her baby boy into her own arms and on her terms. Thank you for having me for this journey, truly an honor :-)